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Aircraft Deicing Fluid Collection System Improvement and Apron Reconstruction at Terminal
Westchester County Airport Phases I and II
Towns of Harrison and North Castle and Village of Rye Brook, NY
WC Airport


County of Westchester

Department of Public Works & Transportation


Project Amount:

$9.3 Million


3 acres


Scope of Work:

Electrical and deicing, excavation, sheeting, shoring, dewatering, utilities, lighting, paving, concrete structures, buildings, stone veneer, masonry and rock removal

Project Description:

Electrical upgrades included: (1) installation of approximately 2300 linear feet of conduits for communication and electrical utilities north of Hangar D; and (2) relocation of existing electrical and water lines on the south side of the Terminal, including installation of approximately 2,500 linear feet of new water main and conduits from the terminal building to the south end of Taxiway J and a new switchgear station near Hangar C-2. Following the site work, new electrical equipment was installed.  

Deicing upgrades included: (1) replacement of an existing temporary deicing fluid collection system on the east side of the Airport with a new permanent system, which included the installation of two 40,000-gallon underground double-walled tanks, two 20,000-gallon underground concrete tanks, sampling stations, pumps, a truck-upload dispenser, and associated piping on the south side of the terminal; and (2) the reconstruction of approximately 1.5 acres of aircraft apron/ramp and taxiway areas in the vicinity of the main terminal which included new drainage infrastructure that connects to the new deicing fluid collection system.  Two new 2,000 sqft mechanical buildings behind Gate 1 and Hangar F have been installed. Additionally, concrete test vault and vortex units were installed to collect data and filter water.      

WC Airport
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