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Yonkers, NY 


City of Yonkers

Project Amount:

$9.3 Million


Scope of Work:

Excavation, sheeting, shoring, dewatering, utilities, lighting, paving, concrete structures, bridge, stone veneer, masonry, rock removal.

Project Description:

ELQ was hired to complete the third phase of the Daylighting of the Saw Mill River which was buried for nearly a centry beneath the streets of Yonkers. Phase 3 is located across the street from City Hall and  involved the complete removal of all existing hardscapes to uncover the river below. The river now runs through multiple stone veneered concrete retaining walls with multiple elevated platforms allowing the on-lookers to once again experience the natural beauty of the Saw Mill River.  The process would prove difficult as the River needed to be temporarily diverted, the River banks would need to be shored in place, and the area dewatered during the excavation and construction process.  To facilitate construction, ELQ had to develop a plan which would allow us to control the flow of the River.  ELQ relied heavily on its own key personnel to engineer a design for a river diversion system.  Using a combination of pumping, dewatering, and temporary diversion structures, our crews were able to control the Saw Mill River, allowing us to diminish the duration of the project schedule.  In addition to the reconstruction of the River, a River debris catchment and diversion system was installed.  The system was aimed at collecting the natural debris that washed down the River during high flow periods.  This would allow the City to better maintain the River and remove the branches, leaves and other debris that washes down the River into the new parks.  During the excavation, the site generated a large volume of contaminated soils totaling over 15,000 Tons.  To help breath new light into the rehabilitation of the River, a proposed 18-foot-tall waterwheel was integrated into the design to generate electricity from the ferocity of the charging river.  The generated power will be used to energize the new LED lighting within the new park. In addition, the new park features a new pedestrian bridge, spanning the river, connecting exotic wood patio overlooks connecting to expansive patterned paver walkways placed around lavish natural stone benches in a generously landscaped park.  ELQ self-performed much of the work, designed and implemented a River diversion system, as well as managed and coordinated a multitude of subcontractors.  

Mill Street Courtyard III
Mill Street Courtyard III
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