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Yonkers, NY
Mill Street Courtyard II


City of Yonkers

Project Amount:

$6.1 Million


Scope of Work:

Excavation, building demolition, sheeting, shoring, dewatering, utilities, lighting, paving, concrete structures, bridges, stone veneer, masonry and rock removal.

Project Description:

The Saw Mill River Daylighting Phase II project was a continuation of the downtown beautification plan of the City of Yonkers. The project was to create a park in between old abandoned buildings, as a continuation to the Larkin Plaza Park.  The project scope consisted of building and culvert demolition to expose a 75-foot section of the Saw Mill River which was previously covered. The Saw Mill River was diverted in two stages to allow for the demolition and construction of new river channel walls and river bottom. The project also consisted of the installation of new drainage and sewer mains, eliminating combined sewers, new rain gardens, granite step seating areas, benches, lighting, along with award winning landscaping!  Additionally, two new pedestrian bridges were built to allow for pedestrian passage from Saw Mill Daylighting Phase I to future Phase III, and the construction of a new vehicular bridge to connect traffic from Main Street to North Broadway. The sites confined space, limited access and new developments in the surrounding area posed many challenges to the construction of this complex project. ELQ effectively coordinated and managed the project with various subcontractors and self-performing activities to complete the project within the specified time constraint.    

Mill Street Courtyard II
Mill Street Courtyard II
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