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Yonkers, NY
Larkin Plaza


City of Yonkers                                                   


Project Amount:

$19.2 Million


4 acres


Scope of Work:

Excavation, sheeting, shoring, dewatering, utilities, lighting, paving, concrete structures, bridge, stone veneer, masonry, rock removal.

Project Description:

The project scope included demolishing two sections of an existing twenty foot by ten foot concrete discharge culvert and diverting the Saw Mill River through a trash trap chamber before creating a river walk for the surrounding neighborhood and entering back into the existing culvert at the lower level of the site. This work had to be performed in the center of downtown Yonkers, NY which was previously the parking facility for the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The vehicles were relocated and the area was enclosed.  In order to construct the project as proposed, approximately 10,000 tons of various contaminated material was excavated, tested and properly disposed of off-site. During the course of construction, an extensive dewatering system was maintained consisting of 1,400 linear feet of header pipe with approximately 400 well points. Water removed from the site was tested and discharged into the Hudson River. Surrounding the project site, ELQ installed over 2 miles of underground utilities which not only upgraded the existing systems but removed a combined sewer and drainage system that emptied into the Hudson River. ELQ effectively coordinated and managed the project with various subcontractors and self-performing activities to complete the project within the specified time constraint. 

Larkin Plaza
Larkin Plaza
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