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White Plains, NY
Gedney Way


City of White Plains

Department of Public Works

Project Amount:

$10.1 Million


10 acres


Scope of Work:

Excavation, site remediation, utilities, retaining walls, paving, landscaping, site grading and drainage

Project Description:

The Gedney Way Landfill facility was used for over 30 years as a disposal area for ash, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, and other miscellaneous waste. ELQ was hired to close the landfill. The project involved the importing of approximately 65,000 cubic yards of clean fill and 18,000 tons of stone and the installation of an impervious lining and a methane collection system. Two feet of clean soil was then placed over the 10 acres site. Further, a 30 year groundwater monitoring system was installed. 

Gedney Way
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