Chappaqua, NY


Town of New Castle

Project Amount:

$12.6 Million

Scope of Work:

Streetscape and Infrastructure

Project Description:

The purpose of the Hamlet of Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Improvement Project was to make downtown a more pedestrian-friendly area by widening sidewalks and making it a more walkable area with plaza spaces that draw more foot traffic. The project involved the removal of existing underground utilities and installation of the following new underground utilities: approximately 1,650 linear feet of water main piping, 1,900 linear feet of 12” Ductile Iron sewer line piping plus services and manholes, 3,600 linear feet of drainage piping with varying diameters (12” to 24”) of ductile iron and re-enforced concrete pipe, 7,200 linear feet of conduits for decorative street lighting. Streetscape amenities such as new granite curbing, concrete sidewalks with brick pavers, ADA compliant warning surfaces, areas of decorative bluestone, fluted bollards, bicycle racks, seating walls, tree grates and a decorative clock. Milling and resurfacing of the existing asphalt overlay, areas of full depth asphalt replacement, installation of a decorative traffic signal at the King Street and North/South Greeley Avenue Intersection are also a part of this project which will transform downtown Chappaqua.